API Endpoint

Our API service is served on https://api.currentsapi.services with the following two endpoints:

1. /latest-news : A stream of latest news around the world

2. /search : Search news by adding query such as language, category, keywords, published data etc

Swagger Demo

You can also understand the api endpoints usage using Swagger . Before you proceed with playing with the endpoints please remember to authorize by pasting your API keys.

About Swagger

Swagger is a language-agnostic specification for describing REST APIs. The Swagger project was donated to the OpenAPI Initiative, where it's now referred to as OpenAPI. Both names are used interchangeably; however, OpenAPI is preferred. It allows both computers and humans to understand the capabilities of a service without any direct access to the implementation (source code, network access, documentation).


Due to the slow response for rendering large json results from our the swagger page, we highly recommend you to import the raw swagger json into Postman for exploration.

You can check out this stackoverflow post on how to import swagger to Postman