Currents API provides a simple mean of obtaining recent and historical news from a comprehensive coverage of sources.

Example use cases of this service is below:

1) Recent news and articles from different sources

2) Retrieval of news articles about specific topic, e.g. iPhone, Apple, Trump, or Bitcoin.

3) The service also support retrieval of news using a combination of keywords, e.g. “iPhone” and “Review”

4) Limit and sort the results by date published, keywords, url, language and the following categories.

  • regional
  • technology
  • lifestyle
  • business
  • general
  • programming
  • science
  • entertainment
  • world
  • sports
  • finance
  • academia
  • politics
  • health
  • opinion
  • food
  • game

5) Understand the number of articles that mention a specific topic over a period of time. This will allow a pulse check of trending topics.

6) Get insights into changes in sentiment specific to topics of interest. For example, sentiment of news on a specific company.

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